6000 years of Indian musical heritage now at your finger-tips!

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Learn to play the bansuri - the Indian bamboo flute

from the MASTER himself!



  • Bansuri Guru by Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia 

    World famous Bansuri virtuoso has curated your training for this journey.  Learn any time, any place as per your convenience. Practice as many times as you want. Now your Guru is just a click away!


    Debopriya Chatterjee

    Sameer Rao

  • Tabla Guru by Pandit Yogesh Samsi

    The Tabla Maestro takes you step by step into the journey of learning the Tabla.  Get feedback on your assignments from experienced mentors to keep track of your learning journey.

  • Vocal Guru by Guruma Anuradha Chaurasia

    Guruma will be your guide as you discover your voice to be able to apply it to your music and rhythm.  


    Bandish: Robin Chatterjee

    Gauri Pathare

  • Indian art music by Dr. Ashok Ranade and Dr. Aban Mistry

    - Indian art music decoded by musicologists and masters

    - Step by step learning

    - Curated over 20 years

    - mentored by senior students of Masters

    - Video & audio tutorials + rich text and images

    - Get feedback from your mentors

    - Audio glossary with pronunciations

    - No prior knowledge of Indian music required


    Bansuri: Rakesh Chaurasia

    Vocal: Devki Pandit & Rattan Mohan Sharma

    Sitar: Niladri Kumar

Navigating the iSM Website Tutorial

Watch this 4 minute long Tutorial video to acquaint yourself of the Platform, its features and how you can benefit from it.

Self Learn + Certification Courses Available 


iSM (pronounced as iSM as in Hindu-ism)

An online based Indian Music Learning application available on web has Indian Art (classical) music education at its core.  We call it Art and not classical as this music is constantly evolving as a performing art. 


Why iSM?

iSM helps digital learning and teaching, and staying connected to Indian Art music.  Additionally, it also serves as a social networking digital platform for people interested in Indian Art (Classical) Music.




Which is your iSM?

iSM - in short, a Movement.  It means different things to different people. For some it is in short, Music and for others it is the indian school of Music, Mentors or Masters.  





Our Promise

  • Why iSM?

    - Imbibe the best of the rich oral tradition of learning Indian music to a digital platform.

    - Get professional support curated by Masters of Indian music and musicologists

    - Learn from a foundation of self-practice based learning.  It mirrors the pedagogy of imitation and demonstration.  

  • How does iSM fill the cracks in the current Music movement?

    - We put science into the oral tradition of Indian art music learning 

    - We provide the right tools for you to practice on your own before you engage with a physical Guru

    - We provide a structured learning road-map regardless of your stage of learning and your intentions of learning.

  • Does iSM come from a Credible and Acceptable source?

    Learn from the best available resources in the world - the Music Gurus of India, the torchbearers of the oldest unbroken tradition alive today, to begin our iSM journey

  • Is iSM for me ?

    iSM is designed in a simple progression of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level students. Groups, corporates, and educational institutions can avail of iSM. 


Amrita Uprety

Pokhra, Nepal

Amrita has been a student at Vrindaban Gurukul, Mumbai since 2005. She is extremely popular with her students whom she teaches in both offline and online formats.  Amrita has performed at several concerts across India and Nepal.

Digvijaysinh Chauhan

Vadodara, Gujarat

Digvijay holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering Electronics and Computers.  He is a student of Vrindaban Gurukul, Bhubaneswar.  He is already very popular on Youtube with his Flute roots videos and has performed across many concerts.

Vaishnavi Joshi

Nashik, Maharashtra

Vaishnavi is a Bansuri Visharad, pursuing Flute music since 2014 at Vrindaban Gurukul.  She is the recipient of the Jaipur Gems Scholarship Award (year 2020), and has performed at many Indian Classical Concerts.  She holds a M.A. degree in Sanskrit.

Rashmi Kulkarni


A senior teacher at Vrindaban Gurukul, Rashmi has been an integral part of building the students for vocal music.  She has also conducted lecture demonstrations for young students to initiate them into Indian music.

Bhuwan Dhakal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Bhuwan is a devoted and promising student of the flute having learnt under the guidance of Pt. Chaurasia at his Vrindaban Gurukul for over 5 years.  Bhuwan performs on the concert stage along with lending his music for recordings for private albums.

Bharat Raj Panwar

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Bharat has been a dedicated student of Vrindaban Gurukul for over 5 years. He has completed his visharad training and has performed in various concerts across Dubai and India. He has also accompanied major Bollywood singers and musicians in many live performances.

Chandrashekhar Gandhi


Starting at age 4, Chandrashekhar is a young talent in Tabla to reckon with.  He has completed his Visharad training and is currently associated with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan as an accompanist.

Vaibhav Kadam


Vaibhav holds a M.A. degree in Tabla playing from Shivaji University, Kolhapur.  He has completed his visharad training and has received several awards and accolades including 1st prize at the Ram Marathe Smriti Spardha. He has accompanied many distinguished artists on the concert stage.

Ofra Avni


Ofra an established Silver flautist has been a disciple of Hariji since the year 2000. She holds a BA & MA degree from the Rotterdam Conservatory (WMDC). She is also a very experienced teacher teaching Bansuri and Indian classical music both privately and also in notable institutes as Tel Aviv University and Rimon School of music in Israel.

Nicolò Melocchi


Nicolò is a dedicated Bansuri player since 2013. He is a recipient of Pandit Jasraj Award that was awarded to him for being the finest foreigner exponent of Indian Classical Music by the Hyderabad Rotary Club. In addition to performing in concerts both as a solo performer and in instrumental ensembles, Nicolò teaches and delivers workshops on Indian classical music.

Aura Rascón


Aura Rascón being the first formal disciple from Latinoamerica of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, has learned formally from him at the Conservatory of Rotterdam (BA & MA),Netherlands, and traditionally at Vrindaban Gurukul in India. She has toured extensively with her own projects in Asia, Europe and Latinoamerica and has been featured in National Radio and Television in several Countries including for official projects of the Embassy of India.

Krista Citra Joonas

Tallinn, Estonia

Krista Citra holds a M.A. degree in western classical music on Saxophone and has been a student of bansuri at Vrindaban Gurukul, Mumbai since 2006. She teaches Bansuri and Indian classical music in VHK Music-school and in the World Music Department of Georg Ots Music College, Tallinn, Estonia and has been performing concerts all around Europe.

Amos Aaronson

Kiryat Tivon, Israel

Amos holds a Bachelors degree in Music from the Conservatory of Rotterdam, Netherlands. He started learning Bansuri in 2007 under the guidance of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. Since 2016 he has been teaching Music & Bansuri in Kiryat Tivon, Israel.

Rahul Khirwadkar

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Rahul holds a BBA degree from MIT, Pune.  A former student at Vrindaban Gurukul, Bhubaneswar, he has performed several concerts and is a rising star in the field of Hindustani music.

Stephanie Bosch


Stephanie Bosch is a disciple of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia since 1998. After completing her western flutes studies she absolved an intensive training under Panditji's tutelage in Rotterdam and Mumbai. Stephanie holds a summa cum laude Master’s degree and  a scholarship for exceptional artistic qualities. She has performed in Europe, and was invited several times to India as well as Pakistan. Stephanie absolved a complete study of instrumental pedagogy and obtained the Diploma of Music teacher in Germany, holding few decades of teaching experience with children and adults.


Yuka Nagai


Yuka has been learning Bansuri since 2012 under the guidance of Pt. Hariparasad Chaurasia. She is also a writer and teacher of Yoga philosophy.

Mashal Awais


Mashal holds a Masters degree in Environmental Analysis from Rice University and spends her days between music and advocating for clean water and environmental justice. She has been a student of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, and learnt Bansuri under his mentorship at the Rotterdam Conservatory, Netherlands. She has collaborated and performed in Houston and Austin and enjoys sharing and exploring the world of classical Indian music with younger audiences.

Jay Gandhi

New York

Jay is a disciple of the legendary Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. He has established himself as a prominent solo performer of Hindustani classical flute. His parallel explorations in American Jazz have afforded him the honor of performing with such greats as Ravi Coltrane, Reggie Workman and many more. Jay tours, teaches and is a founding member of the Brooklyn Raga Massive, a prominent musicians collective.

Ron 'Shpatz' Cohen


Ron has been a disciple of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia for the last 24 years.
He performs and teaches Indian Classical Music regularly in Israel and in other countries. Ron has also collaborated with many different musicians in cross cultural projects and is active in academic research in the field of world music analysis. 

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Subscription rates and discounts?

We understand that in your journey with iSM, money cannot be a constraining factor.  We have provided discounts for you to avail maximum benefit from the courses in the shortest periods of time without a pinch to your pocket.

Does Payment for a course guarantee Certification? 

You may have paid for a certified course, but that does not guarantee your path to a certificate.  In order to earn a certificate you will have to demonstrate merit in your learning to your assigned mentors.  Only after they evaluate you and you pass the criteria for your instrument, will you be eligible for a certificate.

Can I do On-screen recording for my convenience?

Any kind of illegal circulation, piracy or on-screen recording of the product is not advisable.  We reserve the rights to discontinue all services provided to you without a refund (no questions asked) incase we find your email associated with any illegal distribution of the content on this platform.

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Is there an Acceptance Process? How can I Upload my assignments for Mentor feedback?

iSM is a digital intitiative for first time learners.  It will not judge you as long as you have the sincerity and dedication to learn, progress and reach the next stage in your learning.  If you have purchased the Bundle then you are entitled to Mentor feedback along with the possibility of getting certification if your mentor grades you well.  In your BUNDLE package you will find a CERTIFICATE EVALUATION section, which once opened will ask give you clear instructions.  Please follow this, upload your file, fill in required details to be evaluated by one of our mentors.  Kindly follow the instructions correctly to avoid delays in response.

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