FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Return Policy/Cancellation?

We have a ZERO refund policy. However in exceptional circumstances we reserve full rights to evaluate case by case on whether a refund on your purchase is possible. We also hold the rights to cancel your services at any point without any questions asked.

Subscription rates and discounts?

We understand that in your journey with iSM, money cannot be a constraining factor. We have provided discounts for you to avail maximum benefit from the courses in the shortest periods of time without a pinch to your pocket.

Does Payment for a course guarantee Certification?

You may have paid for a certified course, but that does not guarantee your path to a certificate. In order to earn a certificate you will have to demonstrate merit in your learning to your assigned mentors. Only after they evaluate you and you pass the criteria for your instrument, will you be eligible for a certificate.

Can I do On-screen recording for my convenience?

Any kind of illegal circulation, piracy or on-screen recording of the product is not advisable. We reserve the rights to discontinue all services provided to you without a refund (no questions asked) incase we find your email associated with any illegal distribution of the content on this platform.

In which currency should I purchase the course?

There is a single price for ALL our products regardless of which country you make the purchase. Incase you purchase is in a non Indian denominated currency (e.g. USD) your purchase value will be calculated based on the conversion between INR and USD and you will pay the equivalent in USD. This policy is however subject to change.

Indemnification of all artists, mentors who have worked on iSM

Eastern Harmony takes full responsibility of all the content and products sold on this platform. Incase there are technical or course related issues, it will be our endeavor to resolve them at the earliest upon notification. We also indemnify all the knowledge domain providers (artists, musicologists, researchers) incase of any errors found.

Is there an Acceptance Process? How can I Upload my assignments for Mentor feedback?

iSM is a digital initiative for first time learners. It will not judge you as long as you have the sincerity and dedication to learn, progress and reach the next stage in your learning. If you have purchased the Bundle then you are entitled to Mentor feedback along with the possibility of getting certification if your mentor grades you well. In your BUNDLE package you will find a CERTIFICATE EVALUATION section, which once opened will ask give you clear instructions. Please follow this, upload your file, fill in required details to be evaluated by one of our mentors. Kindly follow the instructions correctly to avoid delays in response.